How to Reduce Margin above Blogger Post |Blogger Margin Padding Edit Post

Here I will show you how to reduce margin and padding at the left of main section ie post of the blogger section.
First you find this code <Variable name=”main.section.margin” in HTML section of your blog by ctrl+F method. I think you know this. If you have any problem then post your comment  at the below of this post.
See the light blue color shaded portion . I have changed the value to 5px ( value=”5px”/>)   from 15px. see the changes by clicking on preview tool . 

<Variable name=”main.section.margin” description=”Main Section Margin” type=”length” default=”15px” value=”5px”/>
   <Variable name=”main.padding” description=”Main Padding” type=”length” default=”15px” value=”5px”/>
   <Variable name=”” description=”Main Padding Top” type=”length” default=”30px” value=”15px”/>
   <Variable name=”main.padding.bottom” description=”Main Padding Bottom” type=”length” default=”30px” value=”30px”/>

 The light green edit portion reduce the padding horizontally to the main post section of the blog. I changed it to 5px (=”5px”/>) from 15px.

See the yellow edit portion . It will do real miracle for reducing margin above the main body ie below the header. Many blogger are hungry to get the help to reduce gap below the header. I changed it to 15px(value=”15px”/>) from 30px.

These are the most important edit. Many blogger does not give you this trick. But I believe to give real value from my site. 100% genuine tricks. If you feel any problem then ask freely.

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