How to write Article easily

How do I write article? is a top barrier arising in your mind , when you are going to start a blog.

Well, a lot of people write article or press release, I mean if you go to a press release site and look at the top 10,000 it is packed with keywords and phrases. You’ve got to start somewhere right? What if you just want to write an article and get away? It’s actually easier than you think.

How to write Article

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to go to your keyword tool and see what people are typing in and doing with the phrase ‘new article’. This is your subject.

Step 2: Go to your press release site and take a look at your competition and what they are looking for. Now, I can guarantee you they are looking for a good article with 300-800 words.

Step 3: Go to your article directory site and take a look at the first few pages of the results. You want to find a keyword phrase that has at least 2000 people doing searches with.

Step 4: Now go to your press release site and see what keywords they are using and why they are using them.

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Step 5: Now go to your keyword tool and go to search engines and type in your keyword phrase. What I mean is if you type in ‘pizza’ people are using pizza and why they are using it. Now you need to look for keywords people are using for this phrase. What I found out is that they are using it because it is a popular search term. I know that might sound silly but it is for example. What you want to do is to find the top 5 most popular keywords, then do a little keyword research and see where your article fits in and what keywords people are using for this.

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Collect the related Words to your main Keyword:

Step 6: Once you have your keywords you need to write an article based on your keywords. This is the fun part, you get to write your article and you can even ask friends and family to give you articles to use as inspiration. What you need to realize is this, you have to write in such a way that it still focuses on your keyword phrase. This is key. You can find some free article sites online that allow you to submit articles. I suggest you use the word copyright in your author box and link back to your squeeze page.

Sell your Article for Making Money:

Step 7: You have to submit your article to some places. I suggest you do this in my website. Then, you just wait and see how quickly your article gets picked up by people. It is required only if you want to market your article for money. There are many websites ; which are giving platform for providing writing job for the writers like you. Google it you will find many e.g. , etc.

Don’t Loose Patience:

Step 8: Your article might not get picked up because people are busy using keywords as they are searching. What you can do is to try to email some people and send them to your website. Once they visit and read your article they might pick up your offer because they have been referred by you.






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