Why using Responsive Design for Mobile App

As the need for user interfaces increases for mobile devices, app developers are beginning to adopt a two-step process to ensure that their mobile apps perform well.

Screen Size:

Firstly, developers should take into account the screen size of the device they intend to develop an app for. Using various different methods, such as viewing a mobile-optimised version of the mobile app and then testing to see how well it performs on other devices, it is possible to optimize your app for various screen sizes. Using these different device versions, a developer can make sure that the content is all lined up properly and the layout is fluid. Also, they can use different stylesheets for the different screen sizes to facilitate navigation. If your app does not perform well on smaller screen sizes, this can affect the user’s experience.

What does using responsive design mean for a web app?

Responsive design is concerned with designing a site so that it adjusts itself to the screen size of the device. There are different kinds of responsive designs. In static design  site remains responsive. This kind of responsive design is good for desktop gadgets. There is a style responsive design and there is a HTML5 compliant design. The HTML5 compliant site also responds well to touch screens. The same responsive design works on mobile devices also. This kind of responsive design is more compatible with mobile browsers. The same code that is used for the desktop gadgets is also used to create a responsive design for the mobile gadgets.
Responsive design makes sure that the site is mobile optimized. It makes sure that the users have a pleasant experience. They surf using a mobile browser or a laptop browser. This kind of design helps your users gain access to your site at faster rate.
By using responsive design, app developers ensure that their apps provide a well-designed interface. The apps behave well on all screen sizes and they ensure that they can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. The app behaves well even when users switch from their laptop browser to their mobile browser.





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